Activate A Wellness Culture



Brilliant Aging provides consulting services to help you create and activate a vibrant wellness culture, train your team, and educate residents.

Kay works with your team to create proprietary solutions that fully leverage your current wellness brand identity, and offers turn-key engagement initiatives for quick-to-market wellness solutions and results.

She also offers strategic planning and business development consulting to help diverse industries understand and grow business with the older adult market.

Wellness Leadership Consulting

Whether you’re just starting your wellness journey, seeking strategies to energize your existing wellness brand, or rising to the next level of thought leadership; contact Brilliant Aging for a free confidential consult. 

We specialize in changing common aging mindsets among all stakeholders to maximize engagement and activate a shared responsibility for building a culture of well-being.

Strategic Business Development

Regardless of your industry, bring your challenges and opportunities, and Kay will help you grow business with the older adult market.  Leverage turn-key content, develop customized resources, showcase your value proposition, and train your sales team. Contact Kay for a free confidential consult.

“If you’re looking to grow business, improve your staff’s effectiveness, or better understand the trends impacting organizations working with older adults, then Kay is the person for you.” - Colin Milner / CEO International Council On Active Aging

Turn-Key Wellness Initiatives

Project Activate® Consulting Package– A quick-to-market wellness solution that maximizes physical activity and wellness engagement in your senior living community, small town, or senior service area.  Project Activate® is a tool-kit of award-winning resources* that meet hard-to-reach individuals where they are, to help move them through the stages of behavior change into action for well-being. 

This consulting package combines the Project Activate® Tool-Kit with custom consulting support to maximize program impact.  Pricing dependent on level of consulting support to fit your needs.

Vitality Portfolio® Consulting Package - Another quick-to-market wellness solution that “primes” a mindset of well-being from a prospect’s first contact with your community, and ignites a vibrant wellness culture from within.  Build the foundation of engagement and shared responsibility necessary for a fully integrated wellness culture with Brilliant Aging’s Vitality Portfolio® model - make a vitality plan, balance vitality assets, and make regular deposits for lifelong health.

This model is featured in a chapter for an upcoming book with Chicken Soup for the Soul author, Jack Canfield, and Kay’s chapter won this books Editor’s Choice Award.

The Vitality Portfolio® consulting package combines the Brilliant Aging® Content License video series (see PDF) with personalized consulting to help you integrate a mindset of well-being through all levels of living, staff development, and resident education. Create a culture of well-being that’s evident from the moment someone walks into your community.

Vitality Spotlights®: Deliver engaging wellness opportunities to all levels of living thru your in-house TV channel and smart TV’s with the Vitality Spotlights® video series. Add this collection of unique 2-3-minute functional exercise videos - filmed on location in Montana, Hawaii, and Yellowstone National Park – to either consulting package for value pricing.

Vitality Spotlights® are also available as a stand-alone product to deliver on social media posts, and public broadcast stations. See a sample video and PDF description below, then contact Brilliant Aging to learn more.


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