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Kay provides content rich and entertaining keynotes and seminars delivered with humor, real life stories, and breakthrough research.

Her keynotes inspire the audience to embrace not just the possibility of aging well, but the probability of aging well – regardless of challenges; and industry seminars explore strategies to deliver on wellness brand promises, and grow business through wellness leadership.

Kay also serves as a media spokesperson. Her international reputation as a thought leader and decades of experience in front of audiences, make her the ideal subject matter expert to help you craft and deliver your wellness brand messages.

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Keynote speeches start at $7,500 plus expenses. Contact Brilliant Aging for nonprofit and single-site marketing event rates.

Here are samples of Kay’s most popular speeches:

Don’t see one that fits? Not a problem! Kay carefully customizes each presentation to the unique audience, and is happy to create one just for you.


Running with Scissors...

A humorous but thought provoking look at why we often have great intentions for improving health, yet have a noticeable gap between intentions and actions. This session explores how media images, social programs, cultural myths, and personal experiences weave a subconscious aging story that impacts health beliefs, behaviors and outcomes. It also describes the top 3 things you absolutely must do to age with vitality and purpose for your full lifespan

Aging – It’s a Family Affair

This thought-provoking seminar explores aging as a multi-generational, not a solitary, pursuit. We learn about aging from our parents and grandparents, and our children learn about aging from us. Kay explores common “aging scripts” and how they impact choices, behaviors, and outcomes. She also helps attendees explore their own family aging scrips and offers practical strategies to help build a family culture of well-being; one that sustains a positive quality of life through health challenges and life transitions.

A Culture of Wellbeing

This seminar describes how to keep the demands of managing health challenges from becoming the dominant culture of care (in congregate living or a single-family home), and offers practical strategies to consciously create a culture of well-being. Kay will offer a clear roadmap and simple tools to use today, tomorrow and next week to create connection, community, hope and joy in spite of challenges.

Creating Your Personal Vitality Portfolio®

The Vitality Portfolio® approach to optimal aging uses the familiar structure of a financial portfolio – make a plan, balance your (vitality) assets, and make regular deposits to support lifelong health. Attendees will gain simple tools and a practical roadmap to create their own personal Vitality Portfolio®. This proprietary concept is featured in a chapter written for an upcoming book by Chicken Soup for the Soul author, Jack Canfield.


Wellness Leadership

Common topics include:

  • Delivering on wellness brand promises

  • Fully leveraging wellness branding to capture wellness leadership

  • Driving business growth through wellness expertise

  • Impacting community health engagement and outcomes

Creating Cultures of Well-Being

Common topics include:

  • Pulling the thread of wellness innovations through all levels of living

  • Creating integrative cultures that embrace residents at all levels of function

  • Motivating staff and empowering residents

  • Industry paradigm shifts from caregiving to care partnerships; from housing and care to connection and community; and from service delivery to empowerment


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