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Kay is passionate about changing the way you view and experience aging and dedicated to providing resources that help you move from intentions into actions for lifelong vitality.  She offers free downloads and is creating an on-line course based on her proprietary Vitality Portfolio® model for aging well. 

The Vitality Portfolio® model is featured in a chapter for an upcoming book with Chicken Soup for the Soul author, Jack Canfield, and Kay’s chapter won this books Editor’s Choice Award.


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Kay wrote a chapter for the book, The Success Formula, with Chicken Soup for the Soul author Jack Canfield and others!

This 2019 collective work offers tips and insights from experts on how to create both health and wealth. Kay’s chapter, Healthy Aging Success or Sabotage won the publishers Editor’s Choice Award!

It describes how ageism impacts health and outlines her Vitality Portfolio® approach to lifelong well-being.

Contact Kay to arrange a Vitality Portfolio® keynote speech for your audience. All attendees will receive a free chapter download and other bonuses!

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Editors Choice Award - Kay Van Norman

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Vitality Portfolio Online Course

Create your personal Vitality Portfolio® with videos, downloadable resources, and interactive training with Kay to help you understand and actively build your Core, Functional, and Wellness Assets.  Reveal personal barriers, identify strategies to overcome challenges, and activate a vitality plan.


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